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Regarding Olympics, Website, availability and faction government type.

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25/01/2017 13:29 Unread message

Hey there,

I wanted to talk to you about the Colonia Olympics, the Website logo and information details and the faction government type.

The Colonia Olympics is an upcoming events where groups can compete in several games togethere.

Also have you read the latest draft of the Treaty of Political Cooperation? it is now a lot easier to read and shorter.

We haven't seen El Lobo or Kingslor around in a while on CCN. Are they alright? I was hoping to have spoken to them regularly about future events.



Je voulais vous parler des Jeux olympiques de Cologne, du logo du site Web et des détails de l'information et du type de gouvernement de faction.

Les Jeux olympiques de Colonia est un événement à venir où les groupes peuvent participer à plusieurs jeux togethere.

Avez-vous également lu le dernier projet du Traité de coopération politique? Il est maintenant beaucoup plus facile à lire et plus court.

Nous n'avons pas vu El Lobo ou Kingslor autour dans un moment sur CCN. Est-ce que ça va? J'espérais leur avoir parlé régulièrement d'événements futurs.

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25/01/2017 15:22 Unread message

Hi Olivia

Nice to see you. Quite busy with the team...Upside down ! :p

The logo is on the way...I think...but perhaps I need to kick some ass.^^
We have a mail from Zac today. I've posted on Discord about our government type but it must be validated by the Staff.

About The Colonia Olympics, I've informed the team but I don't know who will be in Colonia at the time.
But I think there will be some members at least for waiting the inauguration of our system.
25/01/2017 15:57 Unread message

HI Bro

Thanks for informations we will try to come soon on CCN
We are really busy right now :(
But we dont forget CCN :)


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